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Explore the Lake of the Ozarks for Far-from-Ordinary Experiences

May 1, 2022

Lakes and caves are among the most beautiful wonders of nature. They are pristine and filled with many mysteries to provoke curious minds. Even if you have been to many famous lakes and caves in the world, Missouri will fill your unbridled passion for exploring the great outdoors.

Truly speaking, Missouri is the state of the caves. The Show-Me State is home to 6,300 registered wild caves. Morgan, Miller, and Camden counties — the counties surrounding the Lake of the Ozarks — boast 300 of these wonderful and wild spaces.

Bridal Cave

The name is as interesting as its beauty. North of Camdenton, Bridal Cave is easy to reach through waterways. It was formed during the great Ozark upheaval 42-46 million years ago when the Ozarks were formed.

The cave is naturally ornamented with massive columns, draperies, stalagmites, and stalactites. You will see the natural adornments from the start to the end and even beyond — Mystery Lake, located inside the cave, will amaze you with its shining, crystal clear water. To date, the cave has hosted more than 3,000 weddings in the Bridal Chapel portion.

Jacob’s Cave

Located in the north of Gravois Mills, Jacob’s Cave is the largest cave in the Lake of the Ozarks area. It’s a completely “walk through” cave and easily accessible to the disabled visitors. The cave has become a famous travel spot for its depth illusion, ceiling sponge work, and prehistoric bones. It is also considered the largest geode in the world.

The mile-long tour will introduce you to many different cave formations, from giant stalactites and massive columns to millions of soda straws, subtle helictites, and many more. Jacob’s Cave has stood strong through six ice ages and three massive earthquakes.

Ozark Caverns

The state-owned Ozark Caverns features the famous Angel Shower, a treat for both visual delights and knowledge enrichment to the cave enthusiasts and explorers. Make sure not to disturb any natural elements while visiting the cave. The stream forms a fin (a freshwater swamp) after exiting the cave mouth right in front of it. The water body is home to many exotic plants and native animals, though its shallow depth makes it an inhospitable habitat for fish.

Stark Caverns

Once a safe refuge for many animals, the geographical formations in Stark Caverns made a home to the bears during their winter hibernation. More recently, Native Americans used this cave, leaving artifacts behind to be discovered. Settlers also used the cave as storage for their goods and production of Moonshine. They even built a ballroom in the late 19th and 20th century. Stark Caverns houses a large, underground lake that displays an array of different and interesting cave formations including soda straws, cave coral, helictites, flowstone, dripstone, and many more. Stromatolite fossils can also be found throughout the cave.

Need help getting around?

Lake of the Ozarks boat rental is available to help experience the thrill of boat riding and travel from one cave to the next in the shortest time.

Need a place to stay?

From cabins to hotels, beach resorts to lakeside condos, your lodging options at Lake of the Ozarks are as wide open as your itinerary. Find the spot that works best for your vacation plans, whether you're entertaining guests or just need a quiet place to unwind. Check out the many unique places to stay around The Lake!

From exploring caves to reeling in big bass, there’s plenty to do and see around Lake of the Ozarks. Request a copy of our Vacation & Service guide and start planning your trip today!


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